Maarten Vrolijk
July 12, 2020
November 16, 2018
Graduated at the school of Arts of Paris-Cergy, Alice Bandini ( born in 1988 in Nice) lives and works between Paris and Asnières-sur-Seine. 

For Alice, the place of the used material is essential, its selection, its transformation, with a taste pronounced for the re-use.
The reference of the pre-existent material (raw said material ) places her work in a special relashionship thus each medium inspires the next, in a cycle of perpetual transformation.

Alice Bandini’s installations systematically soliciting the viewer’s imagination.

She questions us with the negative of the initial exploitation of the material: what has overflowed the mould, which exceeded the coin… Leather becomes skin, cored falls moult into bones.

"Everything is in a continual flux on earth. Nothing keeps a constant and stopped form. » Jean Jacques Rousseau