Atelier Van Asseldonk
June 14, 2021
Rowin Atelier
February 10, 2021
Self taught furniture and interior designer, Filip Janssens opened his own design studio in order to develop his personal approach to product furniture design and art projects.
The past years he is exploring the use of waste materials like scrap wood, redundant scraps of travertine and marble both for the sustainable character and the real aesthetic qualities.

This story began at a stone company where Filip discovered a huge pile of redundant scrap stone like marble and travertine. In theory unusable and destined to be destroyed, Filip took some of them and imagined this lamp.
The specific design of Lunair brings those imperfections to light. The LED strip embedded in the stone acts like a lighting over a painting. Lunair diffuses a soft light like the sun that lights the moon.

Lunair lights won a Henry Van De Velde Award in 2020 in the category design-led crafts. Supernova, a second light design in reclaimed marble followed shortly.

Recently he is working on Booowls, a design project in collaboration with Circular Matters, using local waste materials that are 100% plant based.