Anna Zimmermann Galerie

Clemence Mars
June 28, 2024
Studio CAS
June 28, 2024
Anna Zimmermann, born in 1994, is a young artist and designer based in Vienna.
She graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with honors from the Eindhoven Design Academy.
Between object design and sculpture, her practice explores the relationship between material culture and craft. Focusing on materials, her creations are either made by Anna herself, or in close collaboration with an artisan.
In 2022, she tackled the idea of incompleteness or the invisible in her "Phantasy Objects" collection, highlighting objects that are essential to the process of creating a chandelier, yet are often forgotten once the whole object has been completed.
That same year, she was also invited to take part in "Passionswege", a format introduced by Vienna Design Week that brings together international and Austrian designers working with local craft businesses.
Her latest collection released in 2023, "Vessels of Imperfection", illustrates her relationship with imperfection. Rather than eliminating the contours and flaws of molded objects, she highlights them as a focal point. In this way, the final product is defined by its own "imperfections". The series was created with the help of a Viennese craftsman, who shared his knowledge with Anna. She is an artist who plays with codes and the balance of things, and places the notion of imperfection at the center of her personal reflection. All this in close collaboration with craftsmen.
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