August 19, 2018
August 19, 2018
When Brigitte seals the last piece of clay of an artwork, she locks the air contained.
The clay becomes then a boundary between the inside and the outside. The air becomes an ally to build an integral part of the construction of her sculptures-architectures.

The artist feels this need to create her pieces as piece of soil, a place where the metamorphoses of time are expressed by traces, erosion, twilight, inner life, ink of material such a photosensitive plate. Brigitte always liked black and white photography. She always loved these photographs that allow access to their darkroom. You don’t see anything and gradually, the time that the retina gets used to the dark, everything becomes brighter.

Her artworks are an invitation to visit this darkroom, for a light quest.
The black erase any article, only count the line, the form and the light.