Studio Terre

Elisa Uberti
March 24, 2023
March 24, 2023
Born out of the need for change, STUDIO TERRE is an experimental art studio where art is created from the act of living.

These artists create functional art, unique pieces of sculptural collection design and believe in the philosophy of slow living. Nino, Jufà and Riccardo, want to take you to the unique and utopian place where their vision of the world and things resides, which aims to recover the lost pleasures of time and encourages a return to more natural rhythms.

Here, ancient techniques and gestures that look to the past but speak of the future give life to unique pieces that tell a story, their own, made of time and care; intimate and personal objects and environments ready to listen and collect life stories. Without creative constraints, art, craft and design come together.

Without setting limits on materials, techniques and tools, they create repositories of moments to be shared, with sustainable, material and imperfect design, communicating their vision: the need to return to a Mediterranean way of life, connected to origins.