Design Miami December 2023
November 17, 2023
Winter Show
February 7, 2024

William Coggin's exhibition

november 9 2023 to January 13, 2024
William Coggin’s work in functional sculpture in ceramics is a captivating exploration of the beauty and potential of this medium. He finds immense wonder in working with ceramics, appreciating its raw and natural essence, which allows him to create art that connects with the inherent beauty of the world around him. Drawing inspiration from nature, Coggin’s art often reflects the mesmerizing intricacies of a coral reef or the delicate patterns of moss found on a forest floor. The realization that his creations begin as silt from a river bank instills a sense of humility and satisfaction, knowing that his art emerges from the very fabric of the Earth.

NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris