August 19, 2018
August 19, 2018
Umberto was born in Brescia (close to Milan), live and works between Franciacorta hills near Milano. 
After his economical studies, he moves in Bovolone , one of the most traditional and renowned art furniture district in Italy, where he attended the Professional School of Art Furniture.
Meanwhile, he also started working for some local carpenters.
When he founded is own carpentry shop he starts to produce tailored made furniture and then always more oriented on Art-Design. Every creations are made directly by him. He consider manual work as a personal way to the authenticity.

Umberto Dattola’s work is always an event of alchemical craftsmanship. His objects seem to come from a different dimension, a world where the animistic bond that connects them to our lives gives them a life of their own. Young Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Umberto accompanies every piece with an intimate story that sheds light on the emotional relationship established with his owner. The result is something complex, where the craftsmanship is combined with the literature, design becomes a dream project and craftsman becomes esoteric practice. Hard to explain, definitely worth seeing. (Diego Zanella: Journalist and Blogger).