Figures Studio

March 24, 2023
Paul Coenen
May 22, 2022
Figures is a design studio founded by Claire Cousseau and Gabriel Loirat based in Paris and Brittany. The search for minimalism and apparent simplicity are at the heart of the studio. The approach is free and spontaneous, giving form to a set based above all on materiality and its experimentation.
A quest for authenticity and simplicity that translates into raw and essential pieces that express themselves in interior spaces.

Claire and Gabriel have a background in design and architecture, they met in Paris after several international experiences in the luxury and fashion industry.
With a degree in interior architecture, Gabriel worked in the Netherlands and Switzerland in renowned agencies (Uxus, Atelier Oï) for luxury brands (Rolex, Bulgari) before returning to Paris in the international architecture department of Dior. In 2020, he created his own studio: Figures, a hybrid place between art and industry where interior architecture, scenography and product design meet. His projects emphasize form and material, pure lines and curves characterize his work.

A set inspired by architecture, geometric lines and free forms, in a reduced color scheme for a minimal aesthetic.
The manufacturing is based in France. The fundamental intention is to make high quality pieces with a know-how for the manufacturing, the precision and the choice of materials. The pieces are made in small series, in order to rationalize the production as much as possible.

After studying design in Nantes and Shanghai, where Claire lived for more than two years, she naturally turned to the high-end fashion and accessories sector. Passionate about product-related areas, especially digital, she started her career abroad at Mykita in Berlin. Back in France, she joined Figures, developing the graphic identity and imagining and designing furniture pieces for the studio.
NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris