August 19, 2018
August 19, 2018
Naz Yologlu, bachelor’s degree from Central Saint Martins College, London, is an Istanbul based architect and designer. She creates emotional and exclusive furniture artpieces that reflect diverse cultural relics, stories and different states of being through a common contemporary ground. Whether it’s the story about cosmos, nature or mythology, all these sensations metamorphose into different forms, textures and objects: a combination of different elements that coexist together.
All her creations are signed NAAZ .

Gaia collection features unique series of units that re-imagine the everyday objects as a topography that accommodate and surround dialogue and interaction. Gaia collection investigates the perfect nature of the human body in relation to architecture, space and objects in order to celebrate the imaginary and the ephemeral qualities of nature. Like a gateway to a scenic landscape, these sensuous layers flow in the space espousing the organic with the geometric. By embodying the geometry of the human anatomy, these poetic layers transform the everyday object into a sensorial and timeless experience.