Assi Joseph Meidan

Rino Claessens
February 9, 2021
Abel Cárcamo
October 5, 2020
Paris based designer Assi Joseph Meidan, born 1987 in Tel Aviv where he studied photography and industrial design. Upon his arrival in Paris in 2010, he started working with art galleries and cultural institutions. Joseph developed a vision situated on the verge between design and contemporary art, He essentially produces handmade, unique pieces.

His work often integrates raw and recycled materials normally used for construction of specific sites . These materials contain the memories of these sites and their transformations. They are then re-used with minimal intervention.

The assembly of the works is a reflection on the act of construction itself. The gesture is simple, direct, essential, functional. It gives the object its poignant dynamic.

This approach has led Joseph to take interest in the inner-workings of space as well. In recent years, he has overseen several projects of interior architecture, which he sees as an extension of his work as a designer. He collaborates with several agencies while continuing his personal practice.

His work has been presented in many different platforms, including Lafayette Anticipation Art Foundation, Art Paris — Art Fair, and Maison et Objet Rising Talent Award.
NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris