Julien Cedolin

Léa Ginac
December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021
Julien Cedolin is a designer and sculptor.
After a university degree in biology and geology, he studied object design and ceramics at Ensad Paris. He has collaborated for ten years with design studios and brands, while developing his practice of sculpture.

This series of Pillars finds its inspiration at the crossroads of two universes that are at first sight distant, but which are united by a passion for the history of techniques: industrial materials and ancient and pre-Columbian architecture.

The properties of the material used for a construction (wooden beams, steel tubes, stone blocks, etc.) and the forces at play will define the possibilities in terms of shapes and lengths of the components, and will lead to the appearance of support elements such as pillars and columns, brackets, buttresses, struts, pilasters... These reinforcements, which contribute to the aesthetics of the architecture or the object, influence this project a lot.
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