Mathisse Dalstein

Timothée Musset
June 14, 2021
Atelier Van Asseldonk
June 14, 2021
Mathisse Dalstein installs his creative gesture in the intersection of art, craft and design. Starting from a concept of valorizing obsolete materials, he proposes unique creations that question and stimulate our cognitive and aesthetic perception. Wherever material is thought of as waste, it becomes a source of inspiration for him... His work shows a desire to propose a coherent whole, in a cultural and societal context marked by sustainable development, in a creative, aesthetic and ethical approach at the same time. Worn woods, heavy with history, patinated, impregnated, injured by careless use, become in their very triturations, the starting point of the work. Through aesthetic and harmonious compositions, Mathisse Dalstein seeks to enhance the value of the material down to its smallest details. Through a play of forms, colors and elements imbued with history, these fragments of multiple essences are assembled in a dissonant harmony to give way to unique creations. True composition in volume, each piece is cut out and assembled one by one, like a puzzle.
NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris