L’Echelle d’un Monde Exhibition
May 3, 2020
May 3, 2020

Design Miami

December 3-8, 2019br /> Célia Bertrand, Léa Mestres, Nadège Mouyssinat, Elisa Zaninoni, Saraï Delfendahl, Errin Kancal, Naz Yoluglu, Jean Grisoni, William Coggin
The forms are organic, random, and give almost an impression of movement, of a living marine organism.

Life takes possession of forms, and seems to want to extract itself from each of the works to gain space.

All of them appear in mutation : Ceramics became coralian for William Coggin, the resin becomes "flowing" for Léa Mestres, the marble intertwines and transforms into an abysmal element for Naaz, ceramics gives life to a series of aquatic mythological figures for Saraï Delfendahl, …

Artists seek to change our perception of functional objects: lights, seats, consoles become sculptures.

It is a real process of metamorphosis of our environment that these creators are proposing to us.

Each of the works thus retains a certain amount of mystery, as if they came from a world apart, in constant evolution.
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