Studio CAS

Anna Zimmermann Galerie
June 28, 2024
February 26, 2024
Lucas, a Brazilian designer, began his career in 2019 and currently works from his studio in downtown Sao Paulo, where he develops his projects with a group of artisans from different regions of Brazil.

He brings the malleability of glass to the scale of furniture and combines aspects of refraction and transparency with materials such as bronze, aluminium and Brazilian natural stones, approaching them with freshness and a focus on how to recycle these traditional materials using contemporary technologies.

« My aim is to blur the boundaries between furniture and sculpture by using the potential of glass and recycling traditional materials. But also to express a Brazilian element, which is not focused on traditional wooden furniture, but on new shapes, textures and colours that new technologies can bring to old materials ».

In 2019, Lucas will begin fusing 100% of the glass used in his pieces using solar energy.
NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris