Léa Ginac

Atelier RoWin’
February 21, 2022
Julien Cedolin
December 1, 2021
Born in Nice in 1991, Léa Ginac has been cradled by the love of beautiful things: the heritage of her parents, antique dealers, is associated with a passionate interest in objects and furniture design. After studying communication design in volume and space in Antibes, Léa, in parallel to her work with her father, developed her own universe.
She is now fully dedicated to it.

Her first collection of furniture HEKA, named after the ancient Egyptian goddess who personifies the magical power, in 2014, is both decorative by its forms loaded with symbols, but also utilitarian.
Léa Ginac draws her inspiration from the purity of Greek art but also from the work of the great names in contemporary art. She combines the myths of yesterday with the codes of today.

Her furniture pieces are marked by simplicity and harmony of their whole. They retain a sculptural dimension through the choice of materials: marble and ceramic. She is a perfectionist who designs and then collaborates with different craftsmen to create the pieces.

The Galerie SCENE OUVERTE presents a limited edition of a table and five stools called Tribu. The tribe is in anthropology "a social group, generally composed of families attached to a common stock, which presents a certain homogeneity".
Léa conceptualizes this idea of bringing together diverse personalities. Each stool around the table is both similar and different. Léa Ginac offers a simple and harmonious set of furniture, revealing the beauty of the material and giving it a timelessness full of emotions.
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