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May 3, 2020
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May 3, 2020

Design Miami/Basel - Swiss

Curio show : Fantasmagories
Saraï Delfendahl et Célia Bertrand
June 11-16, 2019
The concept is about contemporary ceramics: how, through the work of two very different creators, the design and the sculpture are actually nested. The 2 artists, in their very different practices, defy gravity and technique, to create their own poetic worlds.

Célia Bertrand presents here two monumental lamps inspired by nature and designed as haute couture while Saraï Delfendahl takes the spectator into her imaginary world send us back to a forgotten kinship. She uses the enamel as a painter would use his palette. Saraï plunges us into her jubilatoire and telluric creations.

Célia draw graphic lines in hammered iron, soften by the white gold leaves, applied by hand. They give preciousness to this hard material. Porcelain corols surmount these landscaped lines to create unique sculpture lamps.

Their terrestrial creations, between a jubilant, unconscious rash and fairy tale, reminds us that the clay is an archetype material on the origin of the world. At once timeless and contemporary, imaginary and referent, ceramics give the object of art a metaphysical dimension.

Inside a poetic world, the two artists make the phantasmagoria coming real.
NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris