March 13, 2021
Art Paris September 2021
October 19, 2021

Céramic : Furniture

From June 11 to July 24, 2021
Rino Claessens, William Coggin, Léa Mestres, Céline Salomon, Thomas Ballouhey, Sara Delfendahl, Marina Le Gall, Valeria Nascimento, Maarten Vrolijk, Elisa Zaninoni, Célia Bertrand, Nadège Mouyssinat
How artists turn ceramics, usually used to make small objects, into imposing pieces of furniture is the focus of this exhibition.
Each artist seeks the limits of the clay. The sensual yet brutal aspect is expressed in each work, and gives life to exceptional, unique and sculptural objects and furniture pieces.
William Coggin has created coffee tables, lamps, and mirrors whose coral-like appearance defines his work.
Céline Salomon began her reflection with a series of small tables, to end up with a 133 cm lamp and an almost levitating bench.
Rino Claessens has created seats and small tables whose volumes have followed the limits of his oven...
Some works of art punctuate the exhibition. They keep the spirit of detour of the material in their form, like the collages of Saraï Delfendahl who reuses the broken earth to create, like a rebirth, dense and intriguing wall works. Marina Le Gall finds the human spirit in her colorful bestaire. Valeria Nascimento suspends her delicate porcelain in a timeless and poetic yet questioning Still Life. Thomas Ballouhey offers incongruous architectures and questions our investment in space.
All the works give off a particular energy and reveal a striking modernity despite the use of this ancestral medium.
NOUVELLE ADRESSE / NEW ADDRESS : 13 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris