Timothée Musset

December 1, 2021
Mathisse Dalstein
June 14, 2021
During his years of Tour de France as a carpenter within the Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoir, Timothée Musset had the chance to work on historical monuments where he was able to rub shoulders with ancestral woods once shaped by hand and then by time. After a period in a design office, he felt the need to get back to the material.

He then decided to place himself in a process of transmission, around the sensitivity of wood having already crossed centuries but sometimes left to the abandonment. It is at this moment that he created the Atelier Musset. The goal is to show that this material only asks to be magnified again, while showing its defects as integral parts of its beauty.

The forms allow to convey a new appearance of the material as an element rich in vitality, where the whole brings a new language. They are essential to bring the eye back to the wood and bring a new look. Thus, once the light is shone on this furniture, it changes and appears transformed and warm. Thus, alone or in collaboration, the objective of Timothée Musset is to bring a new look on what seems to us obsolete, to remember that time does not destroy, it shapes the material until the smallest details, all to be contemplated.
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